mandag den 1. februar 2010

Big smelly pile of sketches

I, just moved to Copenhagen again to work on personal projects and see if I could maybe get a job somewhere. Some kind of self studying I guess.
Ok, so I don't have anything finished to post just yet, but a ton of sketches.

I'm doin this comic that is going to be puplished this summer. Its a series of books called budget, because of low production cost. I'm pretty free to do whatever I want and I can be a bit sloppy, that's kind of the concept of the books. I just have to produce as many pages as I can. My problem is, that I'm not that good at writing.
I wanted to make a story about somalian pirates and maybe put in some dinosaurs, but that was really all I got, and It would take too much of my time to come up with an orginal story 50+pages long.

So instead I trashed the idea and now working on something completely different, but I will come back to that later.

Well at least I got to draw alot of somali pirates. Will most def do something with them later

I'm also workin on a smal 6 page story for a Danish anthology, that will be puplished the same time. Will use a lot more time on the pages here thou. Its about a French-Canadian Mountie
and a indian eating mooseman.

These are sketches from the net budget story. I found this old Icelandic folktale about the black death. Its pretty cool.

Last but not least. some random sketches of ladies and bat-people