mandag den 9. februar 2009

the Cute, the Scary and the retarded

Feb. the 1. was my gf's birthday and I had no idea what to make her. I knew I couldn’t buy her anything because I'm broke as usual. I actual just got a job as a substitute in this youth club here in Kolding, and It's pretty sweet. All you have to do is just play around with the kids and that’s all. The downside is that its only a few nights and I doubt it will bring me much cheese, so still looking (: In secret I still hope that a good job will walk up behind me, and beat me rich while I just lean back and relax.

But back to the present. She always asks me for a tattoo design of a horse, but that is not going to happen. I just don't like making tattoos for people, cause it makes me scared that they some day will hate it. A tattoo is just too important for me to make. That’s how I feel now anyway.
So I decided just to go for a drawing.
I wanted to make her something that maybe reminded her of me or something, so I decided to go for one of my favourite topics, Danish Folklore.
I have always been interested in old stories and northern mythology, but I guess it first really started when I began reading Hellboy that I got interested in the old tales. I began reading books about it and got really amazed how much we got, just in Denmark. So one of my bigger dreams has become to some day make a book about it, with a lot of sweet illustrations.

So that was what I decided to make her. A small book on Danish folklore, with a little text. I haven’t made it as a book yet and she already got the illustrations but I hope I will get to finish it before she leaves Denmark.

From the top: Nøkken, Forbytning, Helhest, Slattenlangpatte, Lygtemænd

From the top: Ellepiger, Gårdbo, Maren, Trolde

As you can see I'm really confused about my art style for this one, so I think I will both make a children book and a book for adults.
In the end, I'm quite happy and she was happy as well, so expect to see more folklore critters. So many I have left out.