torsdag den 22. januar 2009

Industrial Design My Ass

Some time ago we had this assignment about generating ideas. It was quite fun actually, and for the first time we got to draw silly stuff. It was hard too thou. The first week we would draw a lot of sketches of "containers" like boxes, bags, food wrapping, etc. Our teacher put up rules that we should follow all the time. First the container had to be dysfunctional then unethical and later it should have a mix of styles. We really had to think a lot and use our imagination and it was a good exercise even though the teacher was an industrial designer :p

The next week we had to take some of the drawings and make em' into actual products. Again kind of industrial design related, so I choose to make the items that used more graphic design.
First I made an earring case, which was mixed with the style of a G.I Joe packaging. I'm not sure have happy I was with it, cause' it just ended up looking like cheap H&M accessories even though I used the layout of a original GI Joe box.

Afterwards I made a schoolbag that was supposed to be carried on the head by African immigrants (yes, an unethical object). I just found a cheap schoolbag and cut away all its straps and made a brand tag for it. This was more interesting cause I tried out some new techniques in photoshop for the African boy that I will definitely try out again.

My teachers didn't like my objects that much though. They said they didn't communicate enough through form, and I guess they were right. I just didn't want to use too much energy on making objects instead of drawings. That was btw the thing that saved me from getting a bad grade. they really liked all my ideas and drawings from the first week and I think that’s most important.
Don't know if I should write down so much about a single project, its really not that interesting.

I don't care, here’s the project:
Many of my classmates made some pretty neat things:

tirsdag den 20. januar 2009

Back with nude witches

Here is a series of witches I did on my last school as a final project, enjoy!

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