onsdag den 15. april 2009

Giant Finds Crispy Gem

The promised story with a giant who finds a dead lizard.The charactor is inspired(ripped) by another giant from japanese animation called Kemonozume. It is one of the best anime series you can find. It has samurais, monsters, sex and a retarded monkey. Check it out!  This is the last post from the 5 week illustration course which is already over. Now I'm drawing cubes and stuff, and I don't think I'm gonna upload that. 

lørdag den 11. april 2009

Days of Being Friends

Our last assignment in the illustration course was to make a poster that should be 70x70cm. On the poster should be 49 illustration of 10x10cm. The 7 rows should have the headlines:

7 good days

7 cold days

7 wrong days

7 fun days

7 weird days

7 warm days

7 wild days

Everything else was up to us. 

I already made a small story about a giant (which will be uploaded later) and wanted to do more storylike stuff. So made this 7 story about these 2 forest critters that would go through all kinds of crazy adventures. I had really crazy ideas about the layout of the poster, but we only had 7 days so I went for something safer. I also decided to do it in greyscale to save time, which only made it better I think, especially with all the raster I put in. I’m not a 100% happy with it, but glad I did it. People also seem to like it a lot so that’s all that matters.