mandag den 31. august 2009

Dead Newts and Sweaty Kiwis

My vacation is over, so hopefully this school year will bring more illustration courses. I doubt it thou, but there will be work from the chief instead then over at the burning dinosaurs. I don’t own a scanner and that’s why I haven’t been uploading in such a long time. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been drawing, even thou I wished I had been producing more.

Instead of making one big post of all my vacation work, I’m gonna give it to you in small sexy bites.

This is a piece of fan-art for my very talented gf Toe. Her hunter is taking a break from killing cute deers in converse shoes and tigers wearing glasses, but is now leading her anger towards real monsters like giant newts. Would be fun to make a comic with her some day. Hope I can get permission. Btw, visit her blog at babbletoe, all the cool kids does it!

The process of the kiwi working out. You need to be in shape with a nemesis like batman, and I don't wanna lie, Kiwiboy is stiff as a plank!