mandag den 18. oktober 2010

pokemons and D&D

I got a postcard from my friend Mikkel Sommer who had been in London with his girlfriend. On the card he had made a drawing of me as a pokemon in 3 stages. I loved it so much that I made it into a gif animation, and then I loved it again.

Kiwiwee, Kiwiwhizzer and Kiwicorn

pokemon gif pixel animation

This is a drawing of my friend Lene and me fighting monsters.
I might colour it later.

mandag den 27. september 2010

Animal Cruelty 2.0 + some petit hunters

A drawing I made for my cousin’ daughter’ baptizing party. Her name is Ravna so I made a raven girl and her cat friend collecting mushrooms with a broadsword.

These are the rest of my animal Cruelty illustrations. I'm pretty happy with most of them, and some of them I can't bear look at. Even left out two of them from my blog.

søndag den 27. juni 2010

Animal Cruelty

I'm doin' a show later this summer with some cool dudes from my studio. We wanted to have a vague topic, and we agreed to do something with animals.... For now my series is called "animal Cruelty" until I find something better. The show itself is called "Små Vildt" (small game). Will tell more later. Here is the first of my drawings thou'. The first out of 15 0_0

mandag den 14. juni 2010

Rococo Samurai

Yay! I got a table at this studio in Copenhagen. Its the oldest comic studio in Denmark, so alot of big Danish names have worked here I could imagine.

I'm working on different stuff, but nothing is finished so I will just upload this samurai I did some time ago. Thinkung 'bout doin a comic about her, but say that, to almost everything these days.

onsdag den 12. maj 2010

Character Design

At the moment I'm doing some character design for a childrens book that I have wanted to do in some years now. These are for the protagonist, who is a small Danish wizard.

This was my first final design
Then I tried to draw him in a whole other style, which is much influenced by the illustrator Josh Cochran. I feel way more comfortable with this because it's so close to how I sketch, and it also fitted some of the other characters better.
This is a younger looking guy
And the (for now) final design. I'm sure I'm gonna make some changes but think it's pretty close to what I want. Not sure about colours yet, but wanna give it more me and less Cochran.


tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

Old Forgotten Comic

I want to post my first finished comic too. It has only been published on deviantart, and that's a shame 'cause I really liked it. It is very much inspired by a series called "Pirates of Coney Island" which was written by Rick Spears and drawn by Vasilis Lolos.

Actually when I think about it, my first comic series was for the elementary school newspaper. It was about a man who always ended up being flattened. And another one about a dog who always got wasted. But I think both series
are lost somewhere, but if I find them I should def upload them.

tirsdag den 20. april 2010


I recently made 2 comics and they are both being published this may!
The first one is called "Montée Canadienne" and is for a Danish anthology called "Sprit". Its 7 pages, so will only show one here.
Actually I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to show this stuff before its out, so don't tell anyone(:

The other one is a book on its own, based on a old Icelandic folktale. Sorry its in Danish by the way. Can't wait for this to get out, and can't wait to make more comics!
I will even sit and sign these babies at the Danish Con this May.

Kill the Orcs, Slay the Orcs, Destroy the Orcs

Just random stuff really.
Will make a prober update on my 2 upcomming comics later


some mean-lookin, leotard-wearing street-broad

A bathing Danish girl from early 1900's


I'm always drawn like a kiwi, but this is how I actually look

And a more simple version for the facebook


mandag den 1. februar 2010

Big smelly pile of sketches

I, just moved to Copenhagen again to work on personal projects and see if I could maybe get a job somewhere. Some kind of self studying I guess.
Ok, so I don't have anything finished to post just yet, but a ton of sketches.

I'm doin this comic that is going to be puplished this summer. Its a series of books called budget, because of low production cost. I'm pretty free to do whatever I want and I can be a bit sloppy, that's kind of the concept of the books. I just have to produce as many pages as I can. My problem is, that I'm not that good at writing.
I wanted to make a story about somalian pirates and maybe put in some dinosaurs, but that was really all I got, and It would take too much of my time to come up with an orginal story 50+pages long.

So instead I trashed the idea and now working on something completely different, but I will come back to that later.

Well at least I got to draw alot of somali pirates. Will most def do something with them later

I'm also workin on a smal 6 page story for a Danish anthology, that will be puplished the same time. Will use a lot more time on the pages here thou. Its about a French-Canadian Mountie
and a indian eating mooseman.

These are sketches from the net budget story. I found this old Icelandic folktale about the black death. Its pretty cool.

Last but not least. some random sketches of ladies and bat-people