søndag den 4. oktober 2009

Supporting model anorexia

Building up something that could look like a proper portfolio, and thought about branching out a bit. I don’t really wanna do something too political, so thought I wanted to give fashion illustration a try. All this is just experiments and sketches. Haven’t found any look I think will totally work, but like elements from most of them. Will have to make something more finished, but think I need tiny a break from fashion right now. Think I want to do some sport illustrations too.

My first bad tryouts

going back to sketching

A close friend said I should try to combine my own stuff with it. Don't know if this is what she ment, but actally like it overall. First I wasnt sure about the guache dress, cause you can't see the details, but I really like the dry brush though. And love how the cow-hair turned out too. Bad thing is, that it looks more like a women with a cows head instead of a minotaur, but think it helped with the greek pillar and the sandals.

Btw, the Chief and his buds are at it again at BurningWet Dinosaurs.
I tell you, something has gone wrong in his mindtank