onsdag den 13. maj 2009

Lines Long Forgotten

Been drawing cubes and objects for a while now, and these weeks we are doing some kind of sculpture stuff. And this blog is not really the place for that kind of..... blah!
Instead Im gonna upload some old lineart that I newer got to finish. I allways wanted to colour digitally, but I don't really like working with the medium that much. So now Im trying more and more to do stuff traditionally, and only a little photoshop.

Sorry bout typing errors but Im a little tired.

This one is actually pretty old, but I still kind of like it.
Wanted to do more with it but cant find the orginal:(

These werewolfs was drawn a late night with my sexy
friend Mikkel

This is an atempt of making more of the job traditionally. Colours are still in photoshop, but shadows and texture is the real deal.This is the non-colour version

2 kommentarer:

To sagde ...

hey i luv that woman..theres something special about her posture. It looks nice as line art too.

Thomas Mikkelsen sagde ...

Your talking about the first one right? Yeah I hate that I can't find the drawing. The hair is photoshop, and I wanted to redo that. The lines could be thicker too.