onsdag den 25. marts 2009

Nasty Old Men

This week we got a new teacher in Illustration. His name is Rasmus Bregnhøj, and he is a complete copy of this guy. Both in appearance and in voice. You really got to see it!

He is a good teacher thou, and the course is gonna be about sequential art, or maybe more like pictures in series (that might just be the same). As a warm up, we mad 30 ink drawings of our own face. Its hard to explain, but they should be of the same picture, but not look the same but still match each other as a whole?!

It was hard, but fun and I think mine turned out a little silly. And when my teacher walked by me, he asked if I made a lot of comics. I don’t know if that is a bad thing, but its funny it is so clear in my style.

Instead of showing them next to each other as they were intended I decided to do a small giff animation instead.  

4 kommentarer:

To sagde ...

the animation is not working yet.
but stop drawing urself like a nasty old man haha

Thomas Mikkelsen sagde ...

Now it works with even more nasty men

To sagde ...

wobbly ape-face :D

Anonym sagde ...

Nice drawings!